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We are located in the mountains between Trentino and Veneto, at the foot of the Little Dolomites, an area known for its mineral water springs and unspoiled landscape. Tradition, innovation, imagination and training are the basis of our philosophy, today as yesterday.

We were among the first in Europe, in 1950, to create and mass-produce games for parks, initially for kindergartens and oratories and then, in 1952, in Vicenza in the park of Campo Marzio , we probably installed the first park for public use in Italy.

A lot of equipment was invented by us, one of them being the spring animal game, which we patented in 1966.

In 2012 we were awarded for having created and patented the park that lights up autonomously and is sustainable with solar energy.

Our motto is “the quality of experience” and when it comes to making children play safely we have always been a point of reference.

For 20 years we have been certified ISO 9001 and 14001 , our games are certified according to the standards UNI EN 1176: 2018 and UNI 16630: 2016 on playgrounds and fitness facilities.

We have kept all our production in Italy and we usually export to many countries around the world.

Since 1938 we have been using clean and renewable hydroelectric energy with a owned plant.

We believe in the importance of the sustainability of raw materials and therefore we are happy to boast the PEFC and FSC certifications regarding the chains of custody of the timber chain, we also adhere to the consortium Legno Veneto and Chestnut of the Small Dolomites to promote the use of wood grown correctly and at kilometer 0.

Our customers are all the largest Italian municipalities, only in Rome there are 240 Pozza games. Among private individuals we can mention Gardaland , Parco Natura Viva and many other Italian parks. Abroad we are suppliers of Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, Adnoc in the United Arab Emirates and among the very few Italian playgrounds companies that export to China .

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Finished Works

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Some works done for different needs


Work carried out in April 2019 for the Municipality of Arcugnano, the games are laid on cast in place with customized graphics.


Park built in the municipality of Chiampo with patented autonomous lighting.

Our history

A short timeline of the most important moments of our company

Ermenegildo Pozza, with his brother Giovanni Battista, founds F.lli Pozza carpentry and sawmill in Recoaro Terme
His son Giuseppe enters the company
Recoaro Campogrosso Race
Car race Recoaro- Campogrosso, Dario Pozza, Giuseppe's son is co-driver
Vicenza Fair
Dario Pozza is awarded for participation in the Vicenza Fair
Ad panel
Advertisment sign with carousel in Recoaro Terme
Ski bindings patent
Dario Pozza files a patent for ski bindings
Power plant
Power plant construction still working
First carousel models
First catalog
Dario Pozza publishes the first catalog in Italy that deals with playgrounds
Pozza stand at the Pordenone Fair
Spring patent
Playground equipment series
Pozza Piergiulio develops the first series production of playground toys
Roundabout technical sheet
Piergiulio's children
Dario and Franco playing on a roundabout
Wooden games
Production of wooden toys begins
Gardaland and Great Parks
The company begins its collaboration with Gardaland creating scenographic wooden structures.
L'Aquila Reconstruction
Parks are built with the Case project to help rebuild the earthquake zones
In a single order 60 parks are built in the capital
The self-lighting playground
The Pozza company patents the self-sufficient lighting system for playgrounds
City Business Award
The company is awarded for the use of photovoltaic energy in playgrounds
Dubai and Arab countries
Pozza opens to the non-European market through the first sales in the United Arab Emirates and the first participation in the Big5 fair in Dubai
Pozza opens to the non-European market through the first sales in the United Arab Emirates and the first participation in the Big5 fair in Dubai

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