BIG5 Exhibition

BIG5 Exhibition

Dear Valued Visitors,

Thank you for joining us at the Big Five Exhibition from December 4th to 7th, 2023 – a pivotal event for POZZA Playground Equipment. With 20 years of ISO certifications, we pride ourselves on adhering to top industry standards, ensuring safe and innovative play experiences.

Our journey in the Middle East has led us to specialize in customization, making us a leading playground company. Our flexible manufacturing allows us to create unique and inclusive play solutions that seamlessly blend into various settings.

Big Five is a globally prestigious event, and it served as a perfect platform for us to showcase our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We unveiled our new product range, introduced an exciting color palette, and emphasized recyclable materials.

POZZA is not just a company; it’s an evolution. We’ve passionately developed playground equipment for all environments, with our motto being “the quality of experience.” Each piece we create is a result of a meticulous design process, combining research and love for what we do.

Aluminum, Wood, Recyclable, and Chestnut Wood are our preferred materials, symbolizing our dedication to quality. At Big Five, we demonstrated how functionality and refined aesthetics can coexist harmoniously.

We invite you to explore our products on our website: For inquiries, quotes, or project collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey at Big Five Dubai 2023. We eagerly await your response and look forward to planning exclusive partnerships in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, and Kuwait for 2024.


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