AF104K.SVPX-14 style LEAVES

Technical features

Available in the following materials:


This product consists of:

- LQT4-14ALU | Composed by 4 posts having a 9 x 9 cm section by aluminium, 1 square platform placed at a height of 140 cm. Coloured polyethylene gable roof.
- LQT4-9ALU | Leaves tower h90 made of aluminum and carply
- LSVPX-14ALU | Stainless steel slide with polytheilene leavessides
- LSVPX-9ALU | Stainless steel slide with polyethilene leavessides
- SCL1-9ALU | Consisting of non-slip multi-layer panel on which are fixed the resin supports, free-climbing type.
- TT-17poly | Made of polyethylene provided with panels of connection to polyethylene turrets
- PI-6ALU | inclined bridge made of steel covered cord
- PS-14 | Composed bystainless steel tubular, support bracket and locking handles in painted steel
- LP-7 | Leaves Panel
- P-2 | Made of polyethylene, with polycarbonate portholes, provided with stainless steel brackets for fixing them to the tower.
- ABACOGT-01 | Two colored polyethylene panel with serigraphy XOX symbols, 9 half-moon rolling panels, Inox steel bolts.
- ABACO U0600-S | Made of polyethylene, with mirror made polished stainless steel.
- BV-6 | Vertical panel made of polyethylene and wood shelf.
- LP-20 | Leaves panel
- LP-5 |
- PD-10ALU | Walkway made of aluminium, with polyethylene parapets

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Legno conforme ai criteri CAM. Profilo da 90 x 90 con spigoli arrotondati, ideale per uso esterno, trattato per resistere agli agenti atmosferici.


Profilo in alluminio EN AV6060, matrice speciale mm 90x90 fatta su misura con spigoli molto arrotondati, raggio mm 32, anime interne di rinforzo. Spessore minimo mm 2,7. Molto resistente alle intemperie ed adatto all’uso esterno. Finitura argentata oppure possibile verniciatura su richiesta.

Plastica riciclata

Plastica riciclata conforme al decreto CAM, composta per il 95% da materiale riciclato. Profilo di dimensioni 90 x 90 con bordi smussati, armatura interna in acciaio. Disponibile in varie colorazioni.

Legno di castagno

Legno naturale di castagno, lavorato a mano, delle Piccole Dolomiti a chilometro 0 certificato PEFC conforme ai CAM. Ideale per uso estero, legno molto resistente agli agenti atmosferici. Pali scortecciati con look naturale.


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Wood highly resistant to outdoor agents, standard profile with 90 x 90 dimension with rounded edges.


Custom made EN AV6060 Aluminium profile with 90 x 90 dimensions with 32 mm rounded edges, inner cores for additional strenght. Ideal for external use and long lasting in outdoor conditions. Silver color or painted on request.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic made with at least 95% recycled material. 90 x 90 profile with rounded edges and with steel core for added strenght.

Chestnut Wood

Chestnut wood, hand made profile with a natural look PEFC certified and with Castagno Naturale delle Piccole Dolomiti mark. Ideal for outdoor use thanks to it’s strenght.